Sunday, November 8, 2015

#30DaysOfThanks Birthday Edition

Doing my #30DaysOfThanks photo list, my first items that immediately came to mind were Jesus and His eternal salvation, my husband, my kids, my parents, our home and food and clothing and all the predictable blessings, right down the line. Those are the easy "givens" in a list like this. I wanted to take the challenge to think more in depth, not give the easily expected answers right away. And so each day I striven to dig deep for answers.

Today, I'm being more predictable, not because my choice is any less meaningful than any of the others (in fact, after God, this is my very BIGGEST thankful on my whole list!) but because it is my hubby's birthday! I am celebrating the fact that God created Rick Saake, that he was born, that we met, that we married, that our marriage has weathered the sometimes incredibly intense storms of over 23 years now, that we have three living miracle blessing babies together and that Rick remains the love of my life! Happy birthday, Sweetheart!!!

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