Monday, November 2, 2015

Thankful List ‪#‎30daysofthanks‬

Day 1 (yesterday, as posted to Facebook): I'm thankful for the freedom to worship God openly--with fellow believers. ‪#‎30daysofthanks‬ 

November 2, 2015 I am thankful for simple joys and all the rich blessings that have come out of  my stroke experience, such as my...

and the ministry that is growing out of this!

And (early for Nov. 3), I am proud and thankful for my Daddy and what he has earned:
Ralph Camp
9 hrs
 If you are in the Reno Area and are available to attend the Home Coming Ceremony, I invite and encourage you to do so. I have been a part of the Welcome Home group, and now I get to be an Honoree myself. I hope to see many of you there on Thursday
What are you thankful for???

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