Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nov. 3, '15

Once I get going, it is hard not to keep coming back and editing more and more into daily lists!

Yesterday I posted early, "I am proud and thankful for my Daddy and what he has earned:

Ralph Camp
9 hrs
 If you are in the Reno Area and are available to attend the Home Coming Ceremony, I invite and encourage you to do so. I have been a part of the Welcome Home group, and now I get to be an Honoree myself. I hope to see many of you there on Thursday.
So now the picture:

Last week, working on refurbishing the doll house he made for me over 30 years ago, now for my daughter!
And today on Facebook, I shared, I'm so thankful for my Kathy who gives up a day of her life every two weeks to come help me clean house (or weed my garden, or dig trenches, or take apart and repair my vacuum, or whatever else I throw at her) and invest in friendship! 
heart emoticon Tomorrow is a Kathy Day!

I won't make it my official "thankful" picture yet today, but a sneak peak at my 12-year-old's fantastic holiday decoration skills:

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