Thursday, November 29, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Receipt

I'm sorry I missed three more days of  #NHBPM posts. I've been pretty sick, so the need for sleep often took precedence over blogging!

I'm not even checking the suggested themes for today, because I am interrupting the regularly scheduled posts with a funny from our 12-year-old son. He started the day wondering how much "True Love" spent on gifts for the Twelve Days of Christmas. So he sat down and did the math for how many of each things the song describes as given (if you were to add to each list, each day, like on the third day, given three french hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge with a pear tree), then did internet searches for values of each item, then totaled up the costs.

He also researched the history of the song. (We found conflicting stories. Both the traditional version, similar to the story I grew up on, and the much more skeptical Snopes one, that we felt raised some good questions, but did so rather biasedly.) A few times our son had to get creative with his searches, but he did this entirely on his own. (For "calling birds" he priced "canneries" and for "lords a leaping" he looked up "male dancer, hourly rate," and "Maids A Milking" was the hourly rate for "maid service," etc.)  Here's the bill he came up with:

12 Partridges $600.00

12 Pear Trees $239.88

22 Turtle Doves $615.78

30 French Hens $450.00

36 Calling Birds $1,800.00

40 Golden Rings $19160.00

42 Geese a Laying $8,064.00

42 Swans a Swimming $6,300.00

40 Maids a Milking $3,400.00

36 Ladies Dancing $5,040.00

30 Lords a Leaping $3,750.00

22 Pipers Piping $2,200.00

12 Drummers Drumming $339.36

Subtotal $5,1959.02

Tax 8% $4,156.73

Total $56,115.75

Thank You for Shopping With Us!

(Please don't copy without permission.)

Today I am thankful for such blessings of fun and creative kids and the gift of laughter!
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How precious...sounds like a little un schooling to me...