Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Fanny Pack

Today's assignment for #NHBPM is, to "write about what’s in your bag / purse / backpack every day."

Well first of all, I need to talk about my purse itself. I don't carry one. Perhaps I should clarify and say that the strokes left me incapable of carrying one (I don't have the strength or dexterity). First, my mom said she was starting a new fashion trend, carrying two purses, both hers and mine. I eventually had to buy a smaller purse, to be lighter weight for her (she switched purses too).

Next, we got the brilliant idea that I could probably carry my own purse if it was light enough, centered against my torso to not exacerbate balance issues, and if the strap was long enough to go on over my head and be worn across my chest. So we spent several hours and a large chunk of my birthday money looking for a stylish, "perfect" purse that was big enough to hold and easily access my handicap parking permit, but small enough that I couldn't overfill beyond essentials.

That sort of worked for a few weeks, but not as well as we had hoped. Soon, my mom was back to her old fashion statement. So much for that birthday money. But my daughter was thrilled to inherit my discards!

Next, my mom lent me her fanny pack. This has actually been our best solution to date, but someone still has to strap it on me because the buckle is on the back side, to the left. I haven't learned to master that with only one properly functional hand yet. This allows me to carry my things and skill keep my one good arm free to operate my cane efficiently. In stead of me holding on to a bag, it holds on to me. And since it is centered right on my belly, it doesn;t usually throw me off balance either.

So what's so important that I need to carry anything at all? Well, in addition to my parking placard, there's my Epi pen, a few different inhalers, and all my latex-free supplies (bandages, gloves, anything that we might need in general, minor medical care, along with everything an EMT might need in an emergency, but typically only have available containing latex). Since my life could depend on always having ready access to all of these things, I can't very well leave home without them!

In addition, I fit in my keys, a pocket calendar (my brain!), wallet and cell phone. I used to carry much more, but I've scaled it way back to what I see as the basics. I used to also carry thing like mineral makeup (I've only worn makeup once since the strokes), tissues, breath freshener or hard candies and LOTS of coupons. There just isn't room now. The "purse" is pretty unattractive, but I'm thankful that this mostly works. Just don't ask me to fit anything else for you in there as well!

So what about you? What is the strangest thing you carry, and why?

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Anonymous said...

It is funny you should mention that. I rarely carry a purse anymore either. If I do, hubby has to carry it and he looks quite silly.