Saturday, November 24, 2012

If I Could...

Today's  #NHBPM topic suggestion is “If I had more than 24 hours in a day… (Or unlimited spoons or funds)."

So many choices, time, energy or money. Each would be an incredible blessing. Oh, the possibilities!  I think I'm going to daydream a moment here, about funds.

If I had unlimited funds, I would take care of two big bills first. I would love to be able to pay off our house and medical bills (estimated to be between a million and a million and a half for my lifetime).

Next, I would like to replace our cars with hundreds of thousands of miles (and lots of "issues" between the two). My minivan is easier for me to climb in and out of than most other vehicles I have ridden in (because I just back up to the seat and sit, no door jam to climb over), but has more quirks than our car. We bought it, used, nearly 7 years ago, so even though the back window won't close and it leaks oil and/or other fluids regularly (transmission and air conditioning problems too - but we've done all we can there), we are thankful that it is still drivable. It will probably die first.

Rick's car is getting up there in miles too and just started leaking some sort of fluid a bit too. It hasn't had air conditioning in years (not a problem in winter, but nasty in Nevada summers) so I would love to replace this for my husband and no longer have him coming home so sweaty he's sick from heat!  But they both get us around and are paid for. Right now, that's what is important!

About $7,000 would go toward hearing aids if further testing showed any kind could improve my hearing.

And if I'm really dreaming here, I would love to own an RV so that I could travel with my family and not have to worry about special needs in a hotel room.

Another dream-list item would be a recumbent trike like Terra Trike since balancing on a regular bike is no longer in my foreseeable future.

Also I would look at several educational options for our kids, both for now and for college.


I am thankful that God promises to supply all our needs. Maybe not every earthly wish, but I am thankful that each true need is always supplied by Him. Sometimes I get nervous or antsy and wonder why He isn't giving in my ways and according to my timetable, but He is never late and often very creative in how He answers prayer!

First Published Book: Hannah's Hope : Seeking God's Heart in the Midst of Infertility, Miscarriage, and Adoption Loss

Book-in-progress on drawing on the fruit of the Spirit in times of trial: Harvesting Hope from Heartache

Next book-in-progress: 6 strokes at age 39, Stroke of Grace

Future manuscript in the plans: Given Me a Thorn, the apostle Paul's story as applicable to living with chronic illness

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Anonymous said...

We have an Rv, but right now I would fit, nor could I climb in and out of it. I have been seriously thinking about a mini van when my SUV dies. Right now I have to step up into both of our vehicles and scott has to help me.