Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Today's  #NHBPM post is supposed to be, "Nominate someone for a Health Activist Award & write a post about why you nominated them," but I didn't read far enough ahead and already nominated Lisa Copen back on the 6th (when I was scheduled to write a "News-style post"). I have also nominated Hannah's Prayer, but since I just wrote about them yesterday, it seems rather repetitive to say why today. So I'm going back to the topic scheduled on the 6th and attempt a News-style post.

Breaking: 35-Year-Old Woman Has Multiple Strokes, of Unknown Origin

On April 17, 2012, Kendra was a admitted for treatment at a stroke center in Washington state. She was airlifted after sitting in an emergency room in Alaska for 13 hours, before receiving any treatment. Having suffered multiple strokes, and not expected to survive she spent over a week in ICU where she was eventually given a tracheotomy to replace her breathing tube.

Surviving all medical expectation, Kendra gradually was moved to the rehab section of the hospital and eventually was released to home care and, after three months and multiple surgeries, returned to her home in Alaska. She continues the journey to relearning to walk and talk, and already far exceeds the expectation of a massive brain stem stoke survivor.

As the homeschooling mother of four young children, Kendra is my hero! It's amazing to see God rebuilding and repairing all that was lost, though this is a painfully slow process. To get to know Kendra better, please follow her unfolding journey on her blog at Queen Of
Brussel Sprouts.

Kendra and I have been online friends (and gotten to meet in person in 2005) since long before our stoke days, having been support for one another through infertility and high risk/bedrest pregnancy as well. It is rather surreal that we are both young stroke survivors (just 5 1/2 months apart) now, for totally different reasons! Even before her strokes, Kendra was one of my most devout and faithful encouragers. That remains all-the-more true today!

P.S. Today is Kendra's 7-month stroke-a-versary.

Today I am thankful for having a friend who is going through this journey with me. Not that I would ever want precious Kendra to suffer, but it doesn't feel quite so lonely having someone to chat (email) with every day, who personally understands the challenges and the silly-sounding victories. I cannot put into words my heartbreak over our newest commonality or the level of comfort I take in sharing our journies.
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