Monday, November 5, 2012


Today's #NHBPM prompt is to create a #ListOf3 Things that you’re thankful for / excited about / or inspired by.
Only 3? Well I've been wanting to start daily reasons for thanksgiving this month (another blogging challenge I've seen), and today is the 5th already, so you are going to get 5 from me (and I'll try to remember to all another one to each daily post this month).

1. I'm thankful that God is slowly showing me a measure of purpose for the remainder of my earthly life.

2. I'm so abundantly thankful that this world is not my final Home, that the broken shell of my body is not forever. I have so much anticipation of death now and so much excitement about Eternity!

3. I've very, very thankful to be home from the hospital, together with my hubby again, and to finally have all our children home!

4. I'm thankful for freedom to practice my faith without fear.

5. I'm thankful for good medical care and all the advantages of modern living and medical research!

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Anonymous said...

Definitely thankful to be home!