Sunday, November 11, 2012

A few of my Favorite Things

For #NHBPM, I am to "Write about your favorite thing that is not health-related but likely improves your life."

I actually have two answers here. One you might suspect and the other is kind of a different answer, but the first one that sprung to mind when I read today's prompt.

The first one, in a way, for me usually ends up being at least somewhat health-related, by nature of my own experiences, but it certainly doesn't have to be. That is the outlet and practice of writing. As my mom says, it is impossible for me not to be writing, or I "can't not write!" I posted more thoughts on why I write last week.
My mom gave me my first blank journal in high school. There I began an awkward journey to written self-expression, only to later burn those first pages.

About half of our courtship was long-distance, so my passion for writing grew as I poured my heart onto paper in long (and mushy) daily epistles to my fiance, for many months on end.

The early years of our marriage found me filling the pages of 20-some more blank journals, as I recorded my thought, questions, joys and struggles as a young bride who was living with chronic illness, then emerged in the sorrow of infertility and loss upon loss.

Eventually I found online forums and other forms of communication, so tradition paper and pen went by the wayside
I had been jotting notes for years, then my "someday dream" finally came to fruition with the publication of Hannah's Hope in the spring of 2005.  This led me into the world of blogging and further book ideas. 
One of the most painful parts about my strokes, was the temporary (several months)  loss of the ability to write. I now type with only one hand, but feel I am so blessed to have this stress-reliever back! Writing is therapeutic and joyful to me.

My absolute favorite thing, that indeed brings me the greatest benefit, is a relationship, a person, not a thing. That is Jesus Christ. Not the practice of some religion, but a personal fellowship with the great and eternal God Himself. His grace and love consume me and give purpose to this life I would have thrown away otherwise. This is my immediate though in answer to such a topic.


Today I am thankful for Jesus Christ and His unconditional love that I absolutely don't deserve but am so blessed to richly bask in every day!
First Published Book: Hannah's Hope : Seeking God's Heart in the Midst of Infertility, Miscarriage, and Adoption Loss

Book-in-progress on drawing on the fruit of the Spirit in times of trial: Harvesting Hope from Heartache

Next book-in-progress: 6 strokes at age 39, Stroke of Grace

Future manuscript in the plans: Given Me a Thorn, the apostle Paul's story as applicable to living with chronic illness

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Anonymous said...

Your writing is beautiful. Reading your book was like having a chat with a good friend.