Saturday, November 10, 2012

Best Medicine

Today #NHBPM prompt is, "Write something funny or share something you found funny."

They say, laughter is the best medicine, so today my goal is to make you laugh!

I was trying to think of a funny story to tell, then I thought of something that still impacts my day-to-day life today, but maybe not as profoundly as it did at first. As I recent shared about being "decisive, " (impulsive, starting in second paragraph of linked article), here is one example of that behavior.

When I was in the hospital, I had my nights and days majorly mixed up. I was asleep, for the night, by early afternoon (I would get up to go to dinner, then come right back to bed well before 8pm) but wake up for the new day at 2 or 3am. I had a blood draw every morning around 5 or 5:30, so to fill my long, lonely hours between waking up and being able to start getting ready for the day, I watched a ton of info-mercials.

I was/am so easily swayed by advertising, that I was convinced we needed to buy everything I saw on those shows. Every morning Rick and I would talk on the phone for 20 or 30 minutes, so he would get a recap of the night offerings and my explanations of why we really needed each amazing item.

There were several pretty funny conversations exchanged, but the most memorable was the night I watched all the benefits of a make-your-own baby food processor and was convinced that we couldn't live without it. Rick had the hardest time trying to rationalize with me that we would have no use for such an item because our youngest "baby" was already almost six years old. I still think it was an amazingly cool machine that would somehow enrich our lives (now our baby is almost 7), but finally kind of get that we would have to find an alternative use because we wouldn't need it to feed a baby.

Rick says it is so good that I didn't have access to a credit card during my month or so of insomnia. I'm sure he is absolutely right! Even though I do my shopping during daylight hours now (I still go to bed between 8 or 9 most nights) I still have given our credit cards a great workout since this spring. Fortunately, we have actually been able to use (as intended) pretty much everything I've bought. I'm sure several of those grey hairs Rick has earned this year have been driven by my new shopping habits and the ensuing financial consequences, but he's been an amazing sport! I'm really trying to reel in my impulsiveness, but it is hard! Maybe that's what I could use a Baby Bullet for, to grind up my drive to spend money and make the whole situation easier to swallow!


Today I am thankful for Rick's sense of humor, how he can get me laughing like no one else, how he takes my peculiarities and loves me anyway, how he can so often turn my tears even into laughter.
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