Saturday, November 3, 2012

Talk with a Doc

I hate it when you work on a post, then it disappears. Oh well, I start again...

My topic for today's #NHBPM is, to tell about a conversation with my doctor.

Easy enough, but I have to sort through more than two decades and multiple situations to decide what story to share. Many come to mind!

I guess I'll tell you about a fairly recent (maybe three years ago) conversation with my primary care doctor.

I thanked her for caring, believing me, and working with me to fight my CFS. She was bewildered at why I would say that. I explained that I was used to be being unbelieved or disregarded. She glanced down at some recent test results (that like most, offered frustrating few answers) and exclaimed, "How could anyone work on your medical care team an not believe you were sick? It is so obvious!" This doctor doesn't have extra training nor some answer that I need, but I love that she that she admits her limitations and is open to pursing new ideas with me. These are sadly, very rare traits!

What have your experiences been with medical care givers?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for good doctors. I always used to say that all doctors are not created equally...