Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Nomination Goes To...

Today I'm using one of my two freebie days for #NHBPM, nominating someone for a Health Activist Award.

I would like to nominate someone who has provided wonderful resources and support to me over many years and in the midst of so many different illness. She has become a great online personal friend over. And what a wealth of information and encouragement!

It is for the books she has written and the support website that she runs, that I nominate Lisa Copen of Rest Ministries! She has often been the one who understands and helps me keep my sanity when no one else gets it!

It was Lisa who set an example to participate in this blogging challenge (though she had no idea I would end up using one post to nominate her). <3 br="br">

I mentioned yesterday that I'm so thankful to have my kids back home again. Today, I am thankful to have living children at all, after 13 years of striving and waiting and so many losses and health struggles!

First Published Book: Hannah's Hope : Seeking God's Heart in the Midst of Infertility, Miscarriage, and Adoption Loss

Book-in-progress on drawing on the fruit of the Spirit in times of trial: Harvesting Hope from Heartache

Next book-in-progress: 6 strokes at age 39, Stroke of Grace

Future manuscript in the plans: Given Me a Thorn, the apostle Paul's story as applicable to living with chronic illness 


Lisa Copen said...

Ah, thank you SO much, Jen, You inspire me and encourage me so much, I can't believe we still haven't "met" yet. Just yesterday I was telling my son about you and your strength again. I appreciate the nomination do much. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Your right, we need to be thankful for our kids. Even if they are a pian right now. We have them for a reason. I needed to remember that today.